Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sea Isle City Hurricane Sandy Post Storm update

Hurricane Sandy Update

Tuesday, October 31, 2012

Starting immediately, the City will allow Homeowners, Residents, and Business owners into town so they can inspect, repair, and clean-up their properties. We ask that all owners to inform the police department should they smell gas, see any electrical problems, or any other serious issue that would pose a threat to safety.

Access to the island is for the security of individual properties and businesses only. There is to be absolutely no sightseeing within Sea Isle City as police will be strictly enforcing the law with regards to this point. As of this message, the S of E is still in effect as clean-up, road, and utility repairs are still ongoing throughout the barrier islands.

Thank you in advance to your cooperation and understanding of our position. It is in all our best interests that we follow these procedures and restore the town as quickly and safely as possible.

For more information contact The Landis Co., Realtors at 609-263-3400 or at ~ 

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